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Is an EPB reporter required? And what is EPC then?

EPB is the abbreviation of Energy Performance and Indoor Climate. The EPB regulations impose requirements to limit the energy consumption of buildings and to optimize indoor comfort. These EPB requirements were introduced in Belgium on the basis of a European EPB directive that was approved against the background of the Kyoto Protocol (with the aim of limiting greenhouse gas emissions).

An EPB reporter must be appointed for every project that is subject to an EPB. That's not anybody. The EPB reporter must be recognized by the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA). The preparation of EPB reports requires sufficient professional knowledge and continuous training.
EPC is an energy performance certificate and indicates the energy score (from A+ to F) and the estimated energy consumption of a house or apartment. It is a mandatory document for the sale or rental of buildings. Every owner must therefore be able to present a valid EPC before he can sell or rent his property. To be valid, an EPC must not be older than 10 years. After that, a new energy performance certificate must be created in any case, no later than the execution of the deed.

We make a distinction between two types of energy performance certificates: the EPC for existing buildings and the EPC for new buildings. We also know the latter as the Building Energy Performance Certificate. Due to the different calculation methods, it is not possible to compare an EPC Construction with an EPC for existing buildings.

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