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Labaere Tailors

Kledingzaak Labaere is een naam die klinkt als een klok tot ver buiten Zottegem. In de 150 jaar dat de zaak bestaat, is de mode echter sterk veranderd. Maar één ding is door de jaren heen steeds hetzelfde gebleven: hun uitmuntende persoonlijke service en hun vakmanschap. Na een grondige technische studie hebben wij gekozen voor het installeren van verschillende producten-technologieën.

  • Commercial
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Security
  • System Integration

We share a passion for personal service and craftsmanship. Their eye for detail, accuracy, and finish is what has given us confidence in Vermeulen for many years.

Filip Labaere, Managing Director

A trendy fashion house

Service and craftsmanship

Labaere clothing store is a name that sounds like a bell far beyond Zottegem. However, in the 150 years that the business has been around, fashion has changed a lot. But one thing has remained the same over the years. “Our personal service and our craftsmanship”, says current manager Filip Labaere. 150 years ago Gust Labaere settled in a building in the Hoogstraat in Zottegem and started a clothing store there. “It was nothing more than a door and a window. At that time there was no question of a large shop window. The customers were neighbors or people who knew there was a shop behind that window and door," great-grandson Filip Labaere said.

From tailor-made suits to casual chic

”Back then, only fabrics and tailor-made suits were sold. The store was a hit because at that time all the men were dressed in tailor-made suits. Even the schoolmasters had their aprons made by us. The métier was always passed on from father to son. In the early sixties, my father Paul expanded the range with ready-to-wear and casual wear. That turned out to be a golden idea that made the business thrive even more.

The eighties were characterized by the rise of designer clothes. The house Labaere did not miss the fashion boat and brought in the most prestigious fashion labels. The casual-chic department was also expanded. “This way, the man could come to us for all kinds of clothing,” Filip Labaere continues.

A gem in retail

Behind the clothing store, Labaere is a gem, with an eye for finish and detail. When Filip Labaere approached us to take on his total store renovation and expansion, we delved into understanding Labaere's clientele better. In a conversation with Filip and the team, we defined their needs and requirements in order to work towards the most correct technological experience.

After a thorough technical study, we have chosen to install the following product technologies:

  • Delta Light (lighting)
  • KNX and Conson (domotics)
  • Texecom (security)
  • IDIS (camera surveillance)
  • Hager (distribution board)
  • Siedle (parlofony)
  • parlophoneGigamedia (network cabling)
  • Deba (high voltage)