Wind energy

Fortis Wind Energy: Great in Small Turbines

Private use

Why not generate your own green energy?

Today, a modern house without electricity is almost unimaginable. But where do we get our precious electricity? Usually it comes from nuclear energy that emits waste, and oil delivered by countries that are politically and economically unstable.

Wind energy is the solution to auto-generate sustainable energy, independent of an unpredictable energy market.

Our wide offers of alternative energy solutions include low-cost solutions, such as wind energy. Almost every location in Belgium is suitable to take advantage of this alternative energy form. Solar panels are another cost-effective solution. In Belgium, both the wind and the sun work to provide you with green energy.

Corporate application

Are you looking for a sophisticated way to show your customers that you are committed to the protection of the environment? Maybe you're tired of the uninterrupted uncertainty of the energy market? Or you simply want to meet energy regulations as cost effectively as possible?

Placing a wind turbine on the premises will surely put you in the spotlights, as many of our clients can attest. After installing our turbine, one client saw his profit margin go up to 20 percent.

Special applications

The standard models of our wind turbine assortment are available on-demand.

Thinking outside the box? Wanting to generate electricity for a water pump in the desert? Equipping your South Pole expedition with a power supply? Charging batteries in the jungle with one of our standard wind turbines? Or providing the necessary electricity for a cell phone antenna located in desolate places?

We keep an open and imaginative mind for every project. Together with our partner we eagerly take on the challenges regarding out of the ordinary requests!